What is IPC Trading Systems

IPC Systems is an American company headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey that provides and services voice communication systems for financial companies since 1973. In 2014, IPC Systems employs approximately 1,000 employees throughout the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions.IPC's products called trading turrets was the first to use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) on the trading floor; this reduced communication costs, are specialized, multi-line, multi-speaker communications devices used by traders. Turrets can have access to hundreds of lines and allow traders to monitor multiple connections simultaneously to maintain communication with counterparties, liquidity providers, intermediaries and exchanges IPC's desktop system for traders provides multiple market data screens. and gives traders the option to use instant messaging for colleague communications while checking on incoming calls.IPC which is described by Waters Technology as the "Best Trading Turret

IQ/MAX Omni...

Around the globe. Around the clock. Your turret is now virtually there at your fi ngertips, so you can collaborate, analyze and — most importantly — communicate with your customers, support staff and counterparties at any

IQ/MAX Edge...

Need a powerful, yet affordable trading turret for your firm? With IQ/MAX® Edge, you enjoy the same power, speed, clarity, and control of the IQ/MAX, but designed for connectivity in smaller, more economical configurations. Designed and built specifically to improve trader communications, IQ/MAX Edge features state-of-the-art IP technology, an advanced user


IQ/MAX is the ultimate communications tool, designed by traders for traders. A highly specialized, multi-line, multi-speaker trading turret, the IQ/MAX gives you unmatched power, speed, clarity and control for today’s rapidly-changing and competitive markets. Designed and built specifically to improve communications, IQ/MAX features state-of-the-art IP technology, an advanced user interface and a long list of features that give traders exactly what they need to

IQ/MAX Touch

This is the future Of Communications   Compliance simplified. Flexibility unrivaled.Security that is state-of-the-art.Beneath its sleek exterior is an open architecture, software-driven technology machine, that can not only make traders and other users more productive, but also IT and the