Dedicated team and professional support for our customers, we share the most valueable experiences all around the globe from our principles in order for enterprise and organization simplify the business process. From the noble goals to assist our customer into their success, than we grow together with our customer in sharing the beneficiaries on the technology and trends in the financial industry. Since year 2000, we have developed more than hundreds of IT Communication Solutions for our customers and we had also evolved our expertises not only supporting our Customer Unified Trading Communication Solutions but also their content applications and business process. One of our focus that we bring to them is the complete IT solutions from voice switching, data switching and get deals done faster simplifies connectivity across trading firms to streaming work flow in Financial and Banking industry. Most of our banking customers making use and operates our solutions starting from the communication solutions up to their Trading Informations System and their Trading CRM System. Focusing our services to the customers, we developed three business units with dedicated team of sales, supports and Quality Assurance. One of the reason that we could deliver more valueable solution to the customers is presenting the expert consultancy in discussing our customers need and requirement before we spend hours of time to build the solutions. In the era of high mobility of information and technology rapid obsolescent, than the right decision not only enough to win the competition, since a lot of information to process during the decision.




Meeting Trading Enterprise Demand 
The world is changing faster everyday, new technology, emerging markets, regulation, million of traders per second, more connected, more challenge, not just to compete but to win. Today from IPC, come a single unified solution for all trading communication and application with the speed and agility to transform your trading work flow to react the change. A supercharge switch devices and applications to extend far beyond the trading floor to middle office, back office, counter parties and more in order to make trade life cycle better and get deal done faster. IPC built it into integrate seamlessly with any infrastructure and gave it unmatch flexibility for speed the market. 
Success demands more than just speed and opportunity, it’s about reducing risk and out smarting rivals, and new management system that you update and monitor everything from the central location and we built in peace of mind with affordable inherent BCP and no more down time, just keep trading (Failure is not an option). 
Migration to IP siquringy our world you may not think about it every time you send an email, see the news or connect to your Counter Partner browse your favourite websites or connect to a remote trading floor. But the fact is in just a few short years IP technology has revolutionised the way we live and work. Communication takes place instantly , the world’s knowledge is at our fingertips and we are more productive than ever. 
Information Communication Technology drives success for trading enterprises in the increasingly profit and competitive edgewhere business competition take place around clock on a worldwide basis. Inefficiencies in enterprise business process weight on competitive and diminish profitability. To ensure efficient operations, trading enterprise must provide traders and customers with interactive access to information communication in split second real-time and provide seamless integration communication and information across the enterprise. 
PT. Multi Surya Tunggal (MST) provides a scalable, trading platform enterprise-wide framework for seamless Information Communication Technology. Based on high level experiences within ICT world for more than years, Multi Surya Tunggal delivers world best class trading business solutions to the enterprise that meeting with individual enterprise demand now on and in the future. MST as Unified Communications service company with a unique care for customers. With consistent support and trust from distinctive IPC principle, consolidated approach ensure that best practice are consistently implemented across the organization. The approach also minimize exceptions and increase control, providing a highly scalable solution for every trading organization that rely their trading communication solution to us.  

MSTUniverge provides 24 hours Helpdesk service through Technical Assistance Center (TAC Office) and Hotline for all IPC customers in Indonesia which require technical assistance from us:

Achievement Center

Jl. RS. Fatmawati Raya, Jakarta 12420

Telp.    : 021 – 7695419 (Hunting)

Fax.     : 021 - 75916841


Please visit: www.uni-mst.comor mobile number: +628176582606 (Ricky Machdi) to obtain the best experience and service from us.


Customer provider of high value, innovative and robust solution, that reach far beyond the expectation of information communication Technology for unified trading communication and content applications as we know it today.


Deploy and serve all trading floors (Dealing Room) in Indonesia with highest performance sustainable business and service excellent.


Achieve good image as capable, reputable and distinguish business partner in financial industries in term of Trading Communication Systems and Trading Content applications and well representative of IPC Systems in Indonesia.