We bring to our customers is the complete Unified  Trading Communication System and Content Applications


Multi Surya Tunggal, PT (MST) is distributor of IPC System for Indonesian Territory and has adequate competence and experience in communication network infrastructure for more than 16 years and has been trusted by various financial institutions (Bank and Non-Bank) and government financial regulator and various regional banks as well as leading private bank for IPC Trading Communication System equipment which is very useful for their Trading Floor / Dealing Room - Treasury productivity. MST (MSTUniverge) focuses on providing technical consulting services, IPC Systems sales services and applications associated with after sales support and system maintenance so that always working. 

Currently, MSTUniverge in Indonesia providing services to more than 56 customers distributed in various locations network and more than 1,168 turret / dealers board have been used by customer. 

MST has very adequate and competent technical personnel (Certified Engineer) and trained regularly in IPC Training Center Asia Pacific in accordance with the continuity of innovation development of the IPC System Technology in serve and provide the best for the needs of topology network that is needed by IPC System customers in Indonesia in accordance with trading floor architecture (Dealer Room) including BCP (DRC) and Tresury Remote Area, to integration with CRM applications that indispensable in the management of customer’s clients.



Customer provider of high value, innovative and robust solution, that reach far beyond the expectation of information communication Technology for unified trading communication and content applications as we know it today.


Deploy and serve all trading floors (Dealing Room) in Indonesia with highest performance sustainable business and service excellent.


Achieve good image as capable, reputable and distinguish business partner in financial industries in term of Trading Communication Systems and Trading Content applications and well representative of IPC Systems in Indonesia.