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The WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM (WDP) is a KVM solution that provides users with flexible access to computers and information sources – even across multiple sites. A WDP integrates analog, digital, legacy and third party systems as well as cameras and video walls within a single, independent IP network. Neither software nor driver installations on customer devices are required. With the unique smartTOUCH keyboard, users stay focused on their tasks and can customize their view of, control over and interaction with relevant sources. The WDP is designed for 24/7 operations.

At a glance

  • + Based on KVM IP extenders
  • + Intuitive control with smartTOUCH keyboards
  • + Collaboration & free seating across multiple locations
  • + Customizable, modular & adaptable to individual needs
  • + Roles & user rights management
  • + Scalable & future-proof technology
  • + Redundant configurations
  • + Independent from customer network
  • + Integration of video walls
  • + Integration of 3rd party solutions



… intuitive control with a multifunctional keyboard



… ensured with multi-site WDP solutions


Control with smartTOUCH

Control with smartTOUCH Flex & standard keyboard

User Access

Computers and sources are all controlled with the WEYTEC smartTOUCH, a multifunctional keyboard equipped with programmable keys and a touchscreen. Visualized on the integrated touch display, PCs and information sources can be assigned to monitors or video walls. Switching between them is easy. Multiple presets can be assigned to physical keys on the keypads. The touch screen functionality can also be extended with a wealth of individual and corporate applications, such as video integration and event visualization.

Use Case

Users can access applications, information sources and computers across multiple sites. All sources and workplaces, personal and regular video walls are integrated within a single independent IP network. With smartVISUAL receivers, video sources can be displayed in freely scalable windows on monitors and video walls.

WDP solutions can be extended with a wide variety of third party solutions, including encryption, 2-factor authentication and network monitoring of IP-based components.

High-tech with WEYTEC

If you ask our technical department to what we aspire, the answer would certainly be: “To transform users into highly motivated Daily Business Champions.” In order to achieve this time and time again, we rely on our own technologies and production, always staying a step ahead, coming up with a better idea - and adapting to your individual requirements. The WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM provides users with access to all applications, information sources and computers – even across multiple sites. It integrates analog, digital, legacy and third-party systems as well as cameras and video walls within a single, independent IP network. Neither software nor driver installations are required. And the best part is that user needs always stay in focus. Traders and operators can customize their view of, control over and interaction with all their relevant sources.


Collaboration Solutions from WEYTEC provide the optimal working environment:

  • - Free seating: your own familiar working environment, wherever you sit.
  • - Location independence: extend collaboration across multiple location.
  • - Presets: with the smartTOUCH, everything is just a keystroke away.
  • - True Channel Communication: all communications channel can be switched and prioritized independently of each other.


Keyword: Business Continuity

A changing world requires flexible working environments. Protect your business by preparing for a loss of premises, staff or IT services, and ensure the full availability of critical information even in the event of a disaster. 

The WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM is uniquely well suited to address this challenge. Multiple main and backup locations can be integrated into an operational Business Continuity design. This ensures continuous collaboration across multiple sites.

The big benefit is that a disaster recovery plan based on the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM provides business continuity for companies after a short to medium term loss of critical resources at any site. The risk of a total loss of critical resources can thus be reduced to an absolute minimum. 


Access to all applications 

The WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM provides latency-free access to an unlimited number of computers.

Full integration of video walls 

Any computer or client can be displayed on one or more video walls or individual screens.

Intuitive control over KVM

Operators can quickly and intuitively toggle between sources, taking over control for specific actions, and releasing it afterwards.


The installation requires neither software nor driver installations on the computers. Integrate any source, independent of its operating system.

Clever Reporting 

The integrated reporting module logs all user access to sources.

More Information

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