KVM Workplace


KVM for point-to-point connectivity

The WEYTEC point2POINT solution deploys IP-based KVM extenders to transmit keyboard, video, mouse and audio signals on a point-to-point basis. PCs and other information sources are removed from the desk and housed in centralized system rooms where they are secured, maintained with simple and efficient workflows and cooled cost-effectively. In addition, up to 16 PCs can be controlled with a single standard keyboard and mouse using additional USB deskswitches.  

WEYTEC point2POINT is designed for 24/7 operations.

  • At a glance

    + Based on KVM IP extenders (keyboard, video mouse, audio)
  • + High speed, real-time IP transmission
  • + Elimination of heat, noise and electromagnetic emissions in the office space
  • + Independent from customer software and network platforms
  • + Protects IT assets and ensures data security
  • + Control multiple PCs with a single standard keyboard and mouse (optional) using a KVM switch
  • + Mouse switching (supports multi screen and multi resolution)
  • + Upgradable to WEYTEC switchingPLATFORM and distributionPLATFORM solutions





… to computers located in the system room





... with a single keyboard and mouse

Use Cases

IP Remote components can be used in a point-to-point environment to extend keyboard, mouse, video and audio signals.
IP Remote transmitters are located in the system room and connect directly to workstations and other information sources.
IP Remote receivers are located at the desk and connect to peripheral devices.
Optional USB Deskswitches enable users to control all their computers with a single standard keyboard and mouse. Enjoy a fully integrated environment with intuitive switching between sources, merely by moving the mouse cursor across the border of a screen. Up to 4 PCs can be controlled with a single USB Deskswitch; up to 16 computers with 4 USB Deskswitches in stacking mode.


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