IP I/O Cards

Input, Relay, Serial

The WEYTEC IP Input / Output (IP I/O) cards receive, distribute and forward events within a WEYTEC KVM matrix system. IP I/O cards provide interfaces between WEYTEC IP devices and third party peripherals. In combination with a smartTOUCH keyboard or a WDP system, IP I/O cards detect incoming events and trigger outgoing events, interacting with visualization solutions, communication and radio systems, building management technology and more.

  • At a glance

    + Four switchable relays (IP I/O Relay card)
  • + Four optocouplers (Input card)
  • + Four serial interfaces (RS232 card)
  • + Compatible and integrated with WEYTEC products and solutions

Application example: IP I/O Cards for Input and Output Events

In the example below, an alarm button connected to the input card triggers an alarm command on one port of the serial card, which in turn switches on a lamp via the relay card. Simultaneously, an incoming “open door” command on the serial card activates a door opener via the relay card.

Application example: IP I/O Cards in combination with smartTOUCH consoles

In the example below, a doorbell button connected to the input card triggers the ringing of an acoustic and a visual doorbell on the smartTOUCH keyboard as well as the illumination of an indicator light switched on via the relay card. Pushing “confirm” on the smartTOUCH display or on a dedicated door button on the smartTOUCH keypad activates the door opener via the relay card.

IP Remote Audio Mixer

Audio Mixer for KVM solutions

The IP Remote Audio Mixer combines up to 16 digital and 2 analog audio signals into one mix. The resulting IP Remote audio stream is available across the network as an input to multiple KVM receivers, a smartTOUCH console or additional audio mixers combining additional source signals.

The audio stream is also available as an analog signal on the card‘s line-out interface, where it can be directly connected to speakers or headphones. 

  • At a glance

    + Mixes IP Remote audio signals and analog audio inputs
  • + Full integration with WDP
  • + Perfect addition to smartTOUCH keyboards supporting more than 4 audio channels
  • + Digital output as IP Remote audio signal
  • + Analog output via line out interface
  • + Volume control and left/right channels adjustable for each signal
  • + Can be installed at the desk, in the system room or wherever playback is required
  • + Compatible and integrated with WEYTEC products and solutions

Application example: IP Remote Audio Mixer provides a mix for multiple output devices

Each Audio Mixer accommodates up to 16 IP Remote transmitters and 2 analog audio sources. Multiple Audio Mixers can be combined to listen to more than 16 sources simultaneously.

Application example: IP Remote Audio Mixer in combination with the WDP and smartTOUCH keyboard

The IP Remote Audio Mixer can be used to simultaneously playback all sources displayed on a WDP desk.

Converter Analog to USB

Use analog devices over USB

A variety of external analog and digital input devices can be integrated in a KVM solution using a Converter Analog to USB. The Converter Analog to USB converts outputs from analog and digital throttles, steering wheels and buttons to USB signals. Thus, the Converter Analog to USB can be used when relocating workstations to a centralized system room and extending the control signals of a variety of devices. It is fully compatible with the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM.

  • At a glance

    + Convert analog joystick signals to USB
  • + Also supports digital input signals (e.g. buttons)
  • + Map to X-, Y- and Z-Axis or joystick buttons
  • + Compact and modular design, appropriate for high density installations
  • + Compatible with all other IP Remote products
  • + Fully compatible with the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM (WDP)

Application example: Analog throttle connected to PC via USB

In this example, an analog throttle is connected to a PC via USB. The Converter Analog to USB translates the analog signal into a USB joystick emulation.

Application example: Joystick Control over a WDP Network

Multiple workplaces equipped with analog input devices, e.g. joysticks or throttles, can be connected to a central workstation over a WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM network. The analog/digital input signals are converted to USB for transmission within the WDP system and routing to one or more workstations.

Audio Alert Detector

Detects & integrates alarms in the KVM system

The Audio Alert Detector converts analog audio alarms on WDP sources into events and transmits them within the WEYTEC KVM system. For example, an acoustic signal can be heard and a visual indication appears on predefined smartTOUCH keyboards and their displays. An overview page documents the status and acknowledgement phase of alarms from individual systems. Alarms and video signals from the relevant computers can also be visualized on a monitor and a video wall, or forwarded to an external system.

  • At a glance

    + Supports all sources with an analog audio output (3.5 mm jack)
  • + Hardware-based: No software installations required on sources
  • + Acoustic and visual indication in the KVM system
  • + Compact design
  • + Compatible and integrated with WEYTEC KVM products and solutions

Application example: Workstation with Audio Alert Detector integrated in the KVM network

In this example, the Audio Alert Detector detects an alarm on PC 1, creates a warning message and integrates and distributes it to the KVM network. The alarms are perceived by both acoustic and visual indicators.

IP Redundancy / Converter

Network Redundancy and Media Converter for WEYTEC Products

The IP Redundancy / Converter connects WEYTEC products and third party devices that (only) have a single network interface to two different switches within the network. This opens up a wealth of possibilities to configure redundancy and increase operational availability. The IP Redundancy / Converter provides full flexibility to deploy both copper and fiber within the same solution.

  • At a glance

    + Redundancy for devices with single network interfaces
  • + Media converter between copper and fiber infrastructure
  • + Fully compatible and integrated with WEYTEC KVM products and solutions

Application example: Redundancy

The following example shows an IP Redundancy / Converter with an IP Remote Transmitter and Receiver. If Network Switch 1 should fail, the data stream is not interrupted. The IP Redundancy / Converter switches immediately from the defective port on Network Switch 1 to the available port on Network Switch 2.

Application example: Media Converter

The following examples show how the IP Redundancy / Converter converts between copper and fiber. As a media converter, the device extends connections from copper-based Ethernet devices over fiber optics. This makes it possible to use both existing copper and fiber infrastructure, integrate components with copper-based RJ45 interfaces in the solution, and extend connectivity over longer distances.

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